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The Seigneurial Estate of Mascouche

The Seigneurial Estate of Mascouche

Jean-Claude Coutu, Claude Martel
  • François Tétreault
67 pages - Format Papier
25.00 $


Catégorie - Papier
Genre - Historique
Maison d'édition/compte d'auteur - SODAM
ISBN - 978-2-9809653-5-7

The Seigneurial Estate of Mascouche is a unique site including, even today, a large forest, a mill, a miller's house and an Anglican church. Although we do not know the exact date of their construction, the mansion and the mill fascinate some and bring passion to others thanks to the illustrious figures who have built, renovated, inhabited and modified them through the ages; the Le Gardeur, Pangman, Corbeil and Colville, to name just a few, have participated in their own way in shaping the history of the Estate. Closer to home, many Mascouchois still have fond memories of having attended Le Manoir School or even Manoir Notre-Dame. From the French regime to the English regime, through good years to a period of abandonment and rebirth, The Seigneurial Estate of Mascouche offers the discovery of an exceptional place and unique characters whose history is inscribed in that of the development of the city of Mascouche and the great seigneuries of Quebec.

Directed by

Sylvie Gagnon, François Tétreault



Jean-Claude Coutu, Claude Martel and François Tétreault


Historical information validation

Jean-Claude Coutu and Claude Martel


English translation

English Community Organization of Lanaudiere (ECOL)



Patricia Lebel


Graphic conception

Neon Cactus

Mélissa Beaubien, Art director

Kristian Bolanos, Graphist

Emanuela Bonaffini, Illustrator


Edited by

Société de développement et d'animation de Mascouche (SODAM)


Legal deposit

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, 2021

Library and Archives Canada, 2021

ISBN : 978-2-9809653-5-7 (printed version, 2nd edition, 2021)

Printed in Canada


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67 pages
Prix : 25.00 $

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